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THC-O Hash by Utoya

What is Hemp Hash?

Hemp Hash is exactly the same as cannabis hash, except it’s completely legal (in most states). It is made by taking kief and carefully compressing it with the right amount of heat. This process takes some time, but the result is absolutely phenomenal. 

Utoya’s hemp made hash is made very well, and it’s consistency and potency will speak volumes compared to many competitors hash. 

THC-O Delta 8 THC CBD CBN CBG Hash Brick by Utoya Organics

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THC-O Hash Effects

The effects are almost instantly an Indica dominant hybrid in terms of effect, where the THC-O’s sativa side was creeping up. The CBD and CBG enhance the entourage effect and allow the THC-O to take effect a little quicker, and the roller coaster begins within 20 minutes of consumption.

It was a very enjoyable euphoria where I could have chosen to lay down and take a nap or get creative and harness my energy. I felt like I was able to control which direction I wanted to go in.

I went for the creative side since I was editing the above video.

How High Will You Get 100%

This is one of the most potent smokable hemp hash products I have tried and the euphoria was very close if not even possibly better than smoking high end Delta 9.

Flavor To Taste Profile 100%

The taste is just as good as the smell!

How Smelly Is It? 86%

This stuff smells great! It’s got an earthy floral smell that opens up quite nicely!

Sativa Euphoria Traits
Energy / Creativity 40%
Indica Euphoria Traits
Sleepy/Relaxed/Calm/Couch Locked 60%

Overall, I’d rate this a 60/40 Indica dominant style of euphoria, where I could pull either way on sleep or energy based on my bodies wants and needs, so it was great for control in that regard.  I also really enjoyed the more heady high this produced. Very enjoyable. Definitely elevated my mood and my appetite a little too!

Appetite Stimulant
Hungry 15%

This hash awakened my inner hunger a little more, so you may want some much loved snacks near by.

Utoya THC-O Hash Product Review Video

About The Author Writing This Review

My name is Joseph Edwards, I am the tech admin at Utoya Organics, however, this is not a paid review for Utoya, they did not ask me to do this, and this is done my own free will to help spread the word of Utoya. I do have an affiliate link to give you 15% off and will contribute towards my expenses to improve this website and review more items for you! Every person who uses my code: JOSEPH will get 15% off your whole purchase!

Regarding my tolerance, my use of Delta 8 THC is quite high, I am able to use up to 500 mg of Delta 8 THC without being overwhelmed. Not that I do this often, because it is quite fun to do, but it is something I am able to do without thinking twice. In regards to Delta 9, I was reputed as one of the highest tolerance smokers with a review channel and helped a company get more reputation online and in the streets of Alaska. Suffice it to say, it takes quite a bit of cannabis to floor me or get me beyond the point of comfort. So I’m happy with super high content strains, concentrates, and love mixing and matching all kinds of cannabinoids. Let’s just say when it comes down to it, I consume enough to where I’m a good test subject to find out if something is too much or just right. 

In essence, if I tell you that this will work for you, you can feel confident that this will likely be the case for you! 

Disclaimer: everyone is chemically different, not everything effects everyone the same way. I know there are those out there who smoke less delta 9 than I do but don’t feel any type of thing from other cannabinoids. It’s not to say that it’s not beneficial to use these cannabinoids, but for those with that issue, I say mix em up. Also, I am not a doctor, please don’t take anything said here as medical advice. The products that are reviewed are not reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or otherwise prevent any medical conditions. Please speak with a doctor or physician prior to consuming cannabinoids if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication. 

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