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Poplar Creek Farms – Delta-8 THC Gummies Review

Hello, fellow cannabinoid lovers! If you’ve got a raging sweet tooth for soft and chewy treats infused with Delta-8 THC goodness, you’re in luck! Today I’ll be reviewing the Delta-8 THC gummies from Poplar Creek Farms. These mouthwatering gummies come in two delightful flavors: Strawberry Fields and Grape Ape, both of which promise to satisfy your craving for fruity candy in just a few chews! But before diving headfirst into this review, I’d like to take a moment to review the Poplar Creek Brand and briefly overview what Delta-8 THC is. Let’s begin!

Delta-8 THC: What Is It? 

Whether you’ve directly experienced or simply heard of its effects, you’re most likely already familiar with Delta-9 THC (also known as weed/marijuana). Delta-9 THC is known for its powerful psychoactive effects and has recently undergone a massive acceptance throughout the United States, both for medicinal and recreational use. Delta-9 THC has been used for centuries as a means of relieving chronic pain, depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping disorders, and much more. Unfortunately for new users, the effects of marijuana are often overpowering and can even exacerbate anxiety and paranoia for users who either take too much or consume the wrong strain. Many users have been scarred by marijuana and refuse to take it again. 

CBD was recently introduced to the market and exploded in popularity a few years ago. Cannabidiol (CBD for short) contains little to no THC (0.3% or less), as required by the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD has a wide range of uses all similar to marijuana uses, just without the psychoactive effects. CBD is legal throughout the United States and comes in every form imaginable, from edibles (gummies, tinctures, and softgels), topicals and creams, smokable flowers, and more. Yet some people miss the psychoactive effects and yearn for something just a bit stronger. 

That’s where Delta-8 THC comes in. Delta-8 THC is fondly referred to as the “lite” version of marijuana, offering a smooth and heady high will allowing the user to remain clear-headed and in control. Delta-8 THC is legal on a federal level, but many states have their own legislation on whether or not it is permitted in that state. Delta-8 THC products are potent and should only be consumed in the recommended dosage listed by the brand. Taking too much Delta-8 THC high can result in extreme drowsiness and increased paranoia/anxiety, so be sure to start off slowly with your doses until you can accurately gauge how your body will react. Many companies offer recommended doses for first-time users, usually listed on the product packaging or the company website. Delta-8 THC may affect you differently based on a number of factors, such as weight, metabolism, age, gender, and previous exposure to THC. Avoid driving any machinery or vehicles while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high and always consume cannabinoid-infused products in a safe environment. Now that we’ve gone over what Delta-8 THC is and what to expect, it’s time to go over the Poplar Creek Farms brand. 

Poplar Creek Farms Overview

Poplar Creek Farms has a warm and fuzzy origin story that instantly endears the brand to your heart. The Delta-8 THC gummies were originally crafted for friends and family, but received so much enthusiasm that encouraged the creators to make them available to the public. The gummies are available in two flavors: succulent strawberry (Strawberry Fields) and smooth grape (Grape Ape). The gummies are shaped like cannabis leaves, complete with leaf indentations and stems, and contain a whopping 40mg per gummy. The recommended dosage is half a gummy, so proceed with caution if you’re new to the Delta-8 THC gummy world. The gummies are sold in 200mg (a five-pack) for $22.99 or a 400mg (a ten-pack) for $41.99

In addition to the gummies, Poplar Creek also offers rarely seen Delta-8 THC syringes (dabs) and full spectrum CBD oil. Feel free to browse these at your leisure! If you’re curious about the lab testing results for any of the Poplar Creek products, simply navigate to the product description and click on the Lab & Certification results located about halfway down the page. These tests are time-consuming and expensive, but necessary to confirm both the purity and potency of any cannabinoid-infused product. Poplar Creek’s lab results confirm that the gummies contain no more than 0.3% THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

The Poplar Creek website is simple to navigate and charming to look at. The site only offers three product types, making it easy to select from Delta-8 THC gummies and dabs or enhance your overall health and wellness with their full spectrum CBD oil. The products are affordably priced and expertly packaged to show the company’s dedication to premium quality. The site also offers an affiliate program that encourages referrals and earning opportunities for consumers and influencers. Lastly, the site has listed information about the company mission and greenhouse that allows curious customers to read more about the Poplar Creek Farms brand. Now that I’ve reviewed the brand itself, it’s time to check out the much-anticipated review on both of the Delta-8 THC gummies: Strawberry Fields and Grape Ape! 

Poplar Farms Delta-8 THC Gummies Product Review

There’s just something enticing about Delta-8 THC edibles, and soft and chewy gummies are one of the most popular edibles on the market! The Poplar Creek Farms gummies are no exception and I was beyond excited to try these powerful little gems. The company cautions that these tiny gummies are crafted to be strong, as each gummy contains a whopping 40mg. I’m an adventurous kinda gal, so I decided to take the plunge and consume a whole gummy right off the bat. I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re used to the effects that Delta-8 THC has on you, so choose your dose wisely. 

I tore open the pack of Grape Ape and fished out a single gummy. Unlike the traditionally-shaped gummies, these adorable edibles were meticulously shaped like a hemp leaf. The attention to detail was exquisite. The leaves were carefully shaped to mimic the plant it is derived from, featuring visible indentations and even a little stem! In correspondence to its name, the Grape Ape gummy was translucent purple in color and gave off a delicious grape scent. The gummy was about half an inch thick and slightly firm to the touch. Strawberry Fields, on the other hand, was extremely soft and jiggly, reminding me immediately of Jell-O. The gummy was a brilliant red but didn’t have the same strong scent as its grape cousin. I decided to try Grape Ape first and then Strawberry Fields the following night, but I’ll mention both flavors back to back. 

I popped a Grape Ape gummy into my mouth and was immediately delighted by the soft and chewy texture. The grape flavor was sweet and rolling, and I didn’t taste any residual hemp flavor until very faintly after I had swallowed. The Strawberry Fields was even more fun to consume, as the jiggly consistency delighted my mouth with every chew. The strawberry flavor was smooth and light (very similar to the sweet flavor of strawberry jelly), and I wish it had lasted longer on my taste buds. With both of the gummies, I noticed a light coating left on my teeth and tongue as well as a slight burning sensation in the back of my throat after swallowing. 

I noticed the effects start to kick in after about 90 minutes. A light tingling began in my hands and face, and a warm euphoria washed over my body in gentle waves. I felt my eyelids grow weighted and experienced that heavy feeling that often accompanies an indica strain. Indica strains are famous for their couch-lock and despite needing to get up to complete a few tasks, I was completely content with sitting down and relaxing. I experienced a moderate dry mouth that intensified throughout the high, so I recommend having a glass of water handy. Water tasted absolutely incredible and I couldn’t help but down several glasses just to enjoy the cool and refreshing sensation on my palate. I became aware that my tongue clung to the roof of my mouth, most likely exacerbated by the dry mouth. I enjoyed an enhanced sense of touch as well, something that’s referred to as a “body high.” The high lasted for several hours (I stopped counting after three hours) until I finally went to bed. I sank into a deep and refreshing sleep and awoke the next morning feeling well-rested without any remnants of the high. 

I was surprised that these gummies didn’t come coated in sugar crystals like other gummies. I loved the unique approach of the hemp shape, a welcome change from the traditional cube/square shaped gummies I’ve tried before. The spongy texture and the authentic flavor were greatly appreciated, easily making these one of my top favorite edibles. My only complaint was that the dry mouth got a little overpowering after about an hour. I reached out to the Poplar Creek Farms owner, and was told that since the gummies have a lot of Delta-8 THC in them, the ingested oil can stick to your teeth and tongue. It’s recommended that the gummy is swallowed pretty quickly instead of sucking on them or taking more than a few seconds to chew. I followed this advice the second time I tried the gummies and confirmed that the dry mouth is much less intense when the gummies are consumed quickly. Dry mouth is definitely a side effect for Delta-8 THC gummies, so keep this in mind if you’re trying these for the first time and make sure to keep a glass or bottle of water handy! 

Product Packaging

I don’t normally mention the packaging on Delta-8 THC products, but Poplar Creek Farms deserves a standing ovation for their professional creativity on both their gummy flavors. The gummies came beautifully packaged in a large white resealable pouch that was very easy to tear open. The front of the packaging had the Poplar Creek Farms logo proudly displayed on the top of the pouch, complete with the type of product and the flavor boldly listed. My favorite part of the packaging was the unique artwork that complemented the flavor names.

Grape Ape had a graffiti-style gorilla sporting oversized sunglasses, complete with grapes falling out of its mouth next to its lolling tongue. The Strawberry Fields logo was much simpler, depicting a sun-ripened strawberry with a cannabis leaf instead of the traditional berry’s leaves. The artwork was so original and amusing to look at that I spent several minutes admiring it before I flipped the pouch over to view the back. The nutrition facts were clearly listed on the left side of the pouch, while the right side contained the manufacturing information and customary warnings. Poplar Creek Farms recommends half a gummy as the serving size, but the gummies are so small that this might be difficult unless you use a knife. Lastly, these gummies are extremely soft and spongy, so keep this out of direct sunlight and in a cool dark place to avoid the gummies melting and fusing together into a solid blob.  


The Poplar Creek Farms may not be a name you’re familiar with, but you’ll remember the name immediately upon trying these beautifully crafted edibles. I cannot express my absolute adoration for the product packaging, the exquisite design of the gummies, the smooth flavor, and the delicious high. The effects of these gummies were long-lasting and quite heady, but I never felt powerless or overwhelmed at any point during my high. I caution you to chew the gummies quickly and wash it down with a swig of water to avoid that cotton-mouth sensation, but again, this is a common side effect that can be avoided or lessened easily. If you’re looking for a strong and deeply relaxing high from a company that genuinely cares about quality and purity, I encourage you to head on over to the Poplar Creek Farms website and check out their Delta-8 THC products! 

What are some of your favorite cannabinoid-infused products? Which brands are you familiar with and what are some brands you’d like me to review? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Delta-8 THC is quickly becoming one of the most beloved cannabinoids in the industry due to its smooth and relaxing high that leaves the user clear-headed and completely in control. I’ll be reviewing the Delta-8 THC syringes from Poplar Creek in the upcoming reviews, so be sure to check back soon to read about my experiences with this rare Delta-8 THC product! Hope to see you there! 

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