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ES Accel OG Skate Shoe Review

My first goal when going out to buy my first pair of skate shoes in over a decade, was to feel the same way I did when I was younger.

I wanted a wide shoe, flat bottoms, with a good material that wasn’t going to tear easily, and required little to no shoe tying.

I stood in my local skateshop, Westside Skateshop in Largo, Florida.

They had a great selection, and I found myself eying a few pairs, of different shoes. One thing I realized reading online reviews, was that DC had been acquired, and as a result they had become a little more “cookie-cutter”, and dropped in quality.

I had also seen recent reviews on an online facebook group I participated in called Beginner Skateboarders Over 30, Skateboarding, and Skate or Die that had said many similar things.

Disheartened, I felt like maybe I would find some good Osiris, Etnies, Emerika, or Lakai, though these brands weren’t what I would call my primary go-to’s as I had not owned anything other than Emerika and Lakai in the past, where the experience was good but not really memorable for anything other than being there.

I finally laid my eyes upon the ES Accel OGs black and gum.

At first I dismissed them, thinking no, I hadn’t owned ES, and I hadn’t seen any reviews on them come up in discussion, but my point of reference was some of my old best friends who would skate ES regularly, and it was that fact alone that made me decide they would be worth the try. In fact, I remember one of my friends owning a pair of these exact shoes! And I know I had seen them at skate parks. I felt good about it.

I walk up to the counter, and ask the staff if he had a pair in my size in the back, and if he had heard anything about those shoes.

He let me know that they had just come in, and they were very popular with the teens at the skate park not even a half of a block away.

Sold. I was happy to pay full price for these, no problem.

They cost me $72.00 before tax. It’s what you expect when you buy a good quality shoe. It’s gonna cost something.

I noticed right away that material was suede, durable, and as soon as my foot slipped in, I felt the pillowed comfort that only a good skate shoe could provide.

These were for skateboarding only, but I found myself so happy to put these on! The overall comfort that is provided by these shoes is uncanny, and it’s no wonder that they stuck around for so long!

Here is my offiicial list of pros and cons:

  • Pro: Water resistant material
  • Pro: Wide and comfortable
  • Pro: Good for street or vert skateboarding
  • Pro: Very little wear and tear on the shoe walking or skating, though of course, you will get it depending on how hard you skate, walk, or do whatever it is that you do. As of now, my shoes look just about as good as the day I bought them, save for some blood on the shoe laces that has faded over time.
  • Pro: Durable on fresh grip tape
  • Pro: Great for street tricks like kickflips and such, they really make a difference!
  • Con: Sometimes I feel like I look like a male Bratz Doll or sonic the hedgehog with how these look on my frame, but at the same time, I can’t complain, I just pretend I look anime hot and rock it like I own it.
  • Con: Shells or gravel can get stuck in the grooves easily, so you want to watch out for that before hitting your skateboard again. I haven’t torn my grip tape as of yet, but it is something to be conscious of.

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